Farryn Melton’s Tips on Developing a Weight Training Routine, Part 1

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Tip 1: Figure out why you’re weight training.

There are many good reasons to consider weight training, regardless of your fitness goals. Some of the most common reasons include weight loss, strength building, improved health, toning, and training for sports. The weight training routine most appropriate for strength building, for instance, won’t necessarily work for weight loss.

If you are trying to lose weight, focus on low-intensity weight training that builds lean muscle slowly over a period of time. If developing strength is your goal, prioritize high-weight exercises with plenty of rest in between. For general health improvement, chose a moderate weight training routine that alternates with cardiovascular exercise and targets all muscle groups. For sports performance, focus more heavily (although not exclusively) on those muscles necessary to excel.

Tip 2: Consider factors in age, gender, and health.

Age, gender, and health will play a role in determining the appropriateness of a weight training routine. Generally speaking, younger people can handle more aggressive routines because their joints and ligaments are still strong and flexible. As people age, their weight training needs to accommodate decreased flexibility.

If you are a pregnant woman, you should seek the advice of a certified trainer to help in the development of your routine, as certain exercises may pose risks to your child. In addition, if you have long-term medical conditions, you may need to consult your doctor or a physical therapist before designing your routine.

Finally, while it is true that men tend to be stronger than women, this general rule does not apply in all cases. Design your routine with your gender in mind, but also listen to the particular needs of your body.

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About the author: Farryn Melton serves as the Chief Procurement Officer at Amgen, one of the largest biotechnology companies in the world. Farryn Melton holds over two decades of experience in the procurement industry and has worked with several top pharmaceutical firms.


The Certified Purchasing Manager Designation

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Farryn Melton is a Certified Purchasing Manager, a designation offered to qualified professionals through the Institute for Supply Management. Before applying for certification, professionals must have at least three years of experience in the field of supply management with a degree from an accredited institution. Once an applicant meets these qualifications, he or she must pass an extensive exam that covers cost and price minimization, acquisition methods, and supply sourcing, among other relevant topics. The exam consists of four distinct sections: Purchasing Process, Value Enhancement Strategies, Supply Environment, and Management. The Institute for Supply Management was founded in 1915 and remains the largest association of its kind in the world. Holding the supply management profession to high standards of excellence, the Institute promotes research endeavors, continuing education efforts, and offers a variety of different professional designations. At present, more than 40,000 supply managers in 75 countries are connected through the institute, which has become a central source for information, advice, and networking. The Institute also supports its members with a number of publications, including the quarterly Journal of Supply Chain Management, the monthly Inside Supply Management, and the monthly volunteer newsletter NewsLine. Each year, the Institute also sponsors an international conference for its members and makes the content of the conference’s workshops available online for the benefit of professionals around the world. In an effort to promote vital industry research, the Institute sponsors the Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies, of which Farryn Melton is a Trustee.

Farryn Melton’s Blog

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A results-driven executive and Lifetime-Certified Purchasing Manager, Farryn Melton has dedicated her career to the business and financial management of major corporations. Farryn Melton’s managerial skills have garnered success in every role she has occupied. Adapting easily to any industry, Farryn Melton has worked in the space technology, entertainment media, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology fields. Farryn Melton currently works for Amgen, Inc., a global biotechnology company at the forefront of its industry. As Vice President of Global Strategic Sourcing, Farryn Melton manages research and development related spending, manufacturing and cost of goods, sales and marketing, and corporate activity such as information systems, legal matters, finances, and human resources. Farryn Melton oversees a sizable operating budget and supervises corporate travel, meetings, events, and organizations. Before accepting her position at Amgen, Inc., Farryn Melton worked as Vice President of Strategic Sourcing for Novartis AG. During her four years with Novartis, Farryn Melton implemented regional and global strategic programs in marketing, information technology, corporate services, engineering, and laboratory supplies, chemicals, and equipment divisions. Farryn Melton transitioned to Novartis Pharmeceuticals by way of Pfizer Inc., another prominent pharmaceutical corporation, where she served as Senior Director of Global Sourcing. Farryn Melton’s responsibilities included significant regional and global involvement in the company’s information technology, professional services, real estate, marketing, and print sectors. Prior to entering the biopharmaceutical business, Farryn Melton functioned as Director of Strategic Sourcing for Sony Pictures Entertainment and Manager of Business Administration for Boeing. Farryn Melton was heavily involved in Boeing’s International Space Station operations and performed budget planning, financial and procurement cost analysis, and proposal management for the program. Farryn Melton earned her Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. In the past seven years, Farryn Melton has traveled across the country, giving speeches on topics in her industry at various conferences. She also maintains membership with a number of professional organizations affiliated with her field.